Campus Master Plan Update 2005

Campus Master Plan 2005 Update

The campus plan is envisioned as guiding development decisions over the next 10 years and providing an even longer-term physical framework. Responding to the challenges of the 2004 Strategic Plan, the Update provides for an estimated (additional) 3.5 million square feet (GSF) of capacity on top of the remaining 1.2 million GSF identified in the 1998 Campus Master Plan, for a total of 4.7 million GSF. This should provide the footprint for the next 25 to 50 years on the Druid Hills campus. Accommodating such growth, while retaining our distinctive sense of place and without encroaching on our neighbors, is a commitment that underlies the resultant plan. The plan update is organized around:

  • History of the Campus and Established Design Principles
  • Key Components of Campus Master Plan 2005 Update
  • Emory and its Neighbors
  • Greening the Campus
  • Campus Life
  • Professional Schools
  • Housing
  • Academic and Administrative
  • Health Sciences
  • Transportation, Parking & Infrastructure

The Campus Master Plan 2005 Update will guide campus development for the decade ahead as Emory becomes a destination university.

Campus Master Plan Update 2005


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